What image do you want your business to portray? Secure? Fun? Creative? Great quality? Whichever image you are associating with your business, Solution X Marketing is here to help! Our graphic design team has years of experience in all industries and can work with you to brand your business the way you want. We can work on projects starting from the ground up where you will need an entire branding package starting with logo design or we can come in and add to your existing brand with additional materials such as brochures and mailers. Wanting to switch up your message? Not a problem! We can also rebrand your business if you’ve had a shift in your approach.

Graphic Design
High Quality Prints

Working Brand Magic With Our Team

Choosing a brand for your business is at once the most exciting time for your new idea, and the most difficult. Our graphics design services, based here in San Jose, CA, are designed to be approachable whether you’re starting out fresh or need a brand rework. This is your business, your concepts, your vision: it’s our job to bring them to life. Though we are based on the west coast of the United States, we serve brands all over the country.

Brand Services – Transform the Face of Your Company

Each company has to choose its brand path. Quirky and fun, or professional and traditional, everything is represented through the use of branded images, video, and other marketing material.

That means your brand takes on a lot of different forms. It could be your logo, sitting proud in the corner of your website, or it could be a brochure handed out at live local events here in San Jose. At Solution X Marketing we work across a variety of different mediums and have experience in hundreds of different industries, from dentists to music venues to tech companies.

Brochures, Posters, A Whole Lot of Mailers

Our branding and graphic design services go beyond making your company look fresh, we also pay attention to the finer details of usability and functionality.

Brochures need to appeal to a customer’s eye, but once they’re in we hook them with clean and easy-to-read text. Posters are much the same, just a lot bigger. Mailers need to stick out from the crowd more than anything else, or risk watching them blow across the sidewalk.

Graphics Design With The Whole Works

Not only will we create a logo for you, design your marketing material, or give your brand a total overhaul, we also work alongside high-quality printers. We’re proud of the work we do here and only want it to look the best for you, and for us.

If you just want a simple logo or eighty complicated posters designed, get in touch. Simple or complex, big or small, everything we do here is available at a competitive price. Solution X Marketing is a one-stop brand and graphic design shop with everything you need to bring a business to life.

*For our Bay Area, CA clients we also offer photography and videography services. We are hoping to expand our services across the country soon.