Do you ever wonder how you could get to the top of the Google search engine listings? You can with search engine optimization (SEO). SEO involves building up the content of your website to be search engine friendly so that when web users are searching for a service or product, your website will be one of the top ones to pop up. With SEO, you won’t receive immediate results, as it is something that needs to be built up over time. Essentially you are preparing the foundation of your online presence by constantly updating information online about your business, connecting your site to different sites to increase awareness. Consistent blogging is also very important in helping you build up more content on the web. Once the groundwork is laid out, SEO has a snowball effect and your search engine presence will improve. An ideal time frame for an SEO campaign is at least 1 year to get successful results, but the absolute minimum is 6 months to start noticing change. You will answer a questionnaire that we send you, which will give us an idea as to what your goals are and what your business provides. From there you can just sit back and relax while we handle all of the work for you.

Do you want to engage with your clients? A great way to do so is to start blogging! Writing informative articles that relate back to your business is the best way to educate your clients and bring in more business. The key with blogging is to stay consistent. Whether it’s writing weekly articles or monthly articles, as long as you stay consistent with your article writing your search engine ranking will increase and your followers will continue to grow. The most effective articles are those that are between 250 and 500 words on topics that are of interest to your clients. Industry trends are also a great topic to cover. Our content writers conduct extensive research for each article that they write and will submit it to you before finalization. Just send us over the topics you want to cover and we’ll take it from there!

Digital Marketing

Pay Per Click
You can also promote your business with pay per click advertising (PPC). These campaigns can become very overwhelming if you are not familiar with how to manage them effectively to get the most of your monthly budget. You will provide us access to your Google AdWords campaign and we will charge a set monthly maintenance fee, which is dependent on your campaign budget. We will constantly monitor your entire campaign so that you won’t have to worry about how to maximize your budget for that month.