Content Writing with Solution X Marketing

Content WritingContent makes the world go round. Short, long, concise or sprawling, the type of content you choose for your business has a huge impact on your brand, message and success rate with new customers.

With Solution X Marketing you get copy services that work closely with your vision for your business. Sure, we can take creative control if needed, but we always want to craft the content you want. That’s the main difference between professional content services and freelancers off some random website: we care about your success as much as ours.

Types of Content

Here at Solution X Marketing we work across a variety of different mediums to bring your business exactly what it needs.


Words in real life almost need to be more impactful than on a digital platform. A passing glance needs to be reeled in immediately. We’ll write concise and powerful content that always snags a bite.

Digital SEO Content

Solution X Marketing finds the right balance between well-optimized SEO content and content that still works for your clients, new faces and existing customers. SEO is a powerful tool that can be used to accelerate your website’s Google ranking.

Marketing, Email & Social Media

Marketing, email and social media content needs to be concise and portray your entire message in a short bitesize space. Tell us about your business and we’ll do the rest.

Final Content & Follow Up SEO and Content Marketing

Depending on the scale of your project you might want us to follow-up with further SEO work, analytics and tweaking to the content. Or you might want to work alongside us to make further content plans for your site and business.

We know content marketing can be time-consuming, that’s why we have an experienced team of professionals to help along the way. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

How It Works

We’ve covered content for a variety of different businesses, both large and small. The content differs with each project and the more you can tell us about how you envision your business the better work we can do.

The Initial Proposal

Our first draft is shaped around your initial requirements. Tell us all you can, we’ll do the rest.

Revision Process

We send you the first draft. You might love it right off the mark, but often there are tweaks and changes you’d like to make. Let us know.